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Navigating the Sacred Path of Money and Commerce

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Zack Geist, Founder of Holistic Finance

Unveiling the Spiritual Essence of Finance and Commerce

In a world often driven by profit and material pursuits, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends traditional notions of finance and business.

At the heart of our holistic finance philosophy is the belief that money and business can be harnessed in a sacred and spiritually meaningful way.

We delve into the concept of vocation, exploring how each financial decision and business endeavor can align with your deepest values and intentions.

Embracing Sacred Commerce

Where Vocation Meets Finance

Our guiding principle is simple yet transformative: business isn't just about making money; it's about embodying a vocation - a calling that resonates with your soul's purpose. Unlike a mere job, a vocation transcends transactional interactions.

It's a path of service, where your endeavors contribute to the well-being of both people and the planet. There is a place where selfishness meets altruism and once we connect our gifts and passions with the needs of the rest of the world, prosperity and passions can coexist.

Shifting Perspectives

Moving Beyond Extraction to Contribution

Traditional business models are fiduciarily required by law to prioritize profit above all other metrics, leading to a mindset of extraction rather than contribution.

We challenge this paradigm by championing service-based and product-based models that foster genuine connections—between people, the environment, and local communities.

Our focus is on nurturing enterprises that enrich lives without compromising the well-being of others or our planet.

Conscious Engagement with Finance

The Power of Mindful Investing

Our philosophy extends to the realm of investing, where we advocate for conscious decision-making. Investment returns need not be divorced from principles of right livelihood.

We delve into the art of right investing—a process that aligns with your values and supports businesses that share your commitment to positive impact.

The mind and soul behind
Holistic Finance

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Serving you with a wide range of financial services.

Our firm and larger network of partners are here to serve you with financial planning, student loan repayment and tax planning and corporate structuring services.

Intentional Financial Planning

The core of what we do is intentional financial planning. We'll help you achieve your financial goals in a way that aligns to the impact you want your money to have on the world.

Student Loan Consulting & Management

For those with large student loan debts, getting this financial house in order often has dramatic effects on the rest of your financial life. You need the right repayment strategy and professional management to achieve the best results.

Tax Planning & Corporate Structuring

Optimal tax planning and corporate structuring are essential to stop overpaying on taxes and start directing that savings in ways that further your financial goals.
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Walking the Path of Integrity

Your Holistic Finance Guide

As you explore our holistic finance page, be prepared to question conventional norms and embrace a new narrative—one that honors the spirituality of money, business, and finance.

We provide insights, tools, and stories to guide you towards a path of conscious engagement. Whether you're a seasoned investor, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply seeking a deeper connection with your financial journey, our resources are here to support your transformation.

When we use the term spiritual, we could also secularly be speaking about the invisible but very real relationships that are interbeing with one another. This great mystery can be seen on the microscopic level of cells, bacteria, viruses in the microcosm and the sun, moon and atmosphere on the cosmic macrocosm.

I think that most intelligent people from either a spiritual or secular bend are aware that there are relationships between money and the natural world. 


Reimagining Finance, Redefining Prosperity

Join us as we transcend the ordinary and reimagine the sacred potential of finance and business. Through the lens of vocation, conscious engagement, and ethical investing, we invite you to redefine prosperity—one that uplifts not only your life but the lives of those around you.

Welcome to the holistic finance revolution—a journey that's not just about wealth accumulation, but about enriching the fabric of existence itself. Holistic Finance is a lens through which each and every one of us can begin to observe how our money is an extension of our actions in the world.

With technologies of greater transparency, with the intention of increasing our awareness around the effect our money has in shaping the world and its inhabitants, we will be, maybe for the first time since the dawn of man, able to consciously impact the world at large as if through magic, directing our financial capital towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Shifting Perspectives

Reconnecting with Your Soul's Purpose

It's essential to recognize that true fulfillment emerges when financial pursuits are rooted in the profound purpose of your soul. Our philosophy diverges from the notion that "doing as little as possible for maximum gain" equates to success.

Rather, we propose that the most meaningful successes arise when your endeavors are guided by an authentic calling—a vocation that resonates with your soul and reverberates with service to humanity.

We’ve been told by the the wise Joseph Cambell and many others, to “follow our bliss,” yet this says nothing about what happens once that path leads to financial prosperity and how our money can join us on that path towards the a world that is adorned with the things that will evoke that bliss.

Conscious Engagement with Finance

Selling Your Soul vs. Serving Humanity

In the quest to maximize profits effortlessly, it's easy to inadvertently compromise your values and integrity. The idea of "selling your soul" encapsulates this notion, implying a disregard for your inner compass and the greater good. Instead, we advocate for soulful engagement in all financial and business pursuits.

By aligning your actions with the well-being of humanity and the planet, you create a resonance that amplifies the significance of your endeavors. We realize that we will likely always fall short, however it is the intention as many cultures have insisted, that we stay on the good red road, and that when we are off track, we recalculate.

Currently, financial advisors will claim that an individual investor could be successful with their investments as those investments are in organizations causing great suffering to the people and all living beings on a living planet. We do not believe that to be successful. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to others.

We listen and care about you and helping to make your money reflect and realize your needs, goals and values.

Company that redefined the way we work in teams by providing instant communication with your colleagues.

Consult Us was a game changer for our company.

Jack from Slack
Company that redefined the way we work in teams by providing instant communication with your colleagues.

Consult Us was a game changer for our company.

Jack from Slack
Company that redefined the way we work in teams by providing instant communication with your colleagues.

Consult Us was a game changer for our company.

Jack from Slack
"Zack Geist is a true wizard at working the system to the advantage of those who might otherwise be its victims."

Charles Eisenstein

Zack Geist a man who has truly seen it all - from the Bay Area projects to the lush, sustainable landscapes of his Hawaiian sanctuary.

Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD

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